An Unveiled Wife Book Review


As a newly married woman, I was so excited to learn about how I could serve my husband and please the Lord while doing so. Trying to find that balance between love for God and love for my husband was something I was looking to pursue early on in my marriage so that it would become a habit for me for my whole marriage. So I started to read blogs online to see how other young wives were doing this.

In January of 2016, just 11 months after our wedding, I stumbled upon a blog called Unveiled Wife. (This blog is awesome, and I highly recommend it to all wives, both newlywed and well-seasoned) There were so many real life stories in her blogs, date night ideas, lists (and I love, LOVE lists), and more. I also noticed that Jennifer Smith, the blogger behind the Unveilled Wife blog, wrote a book entitled, you guessed it, “Unveilled Wife.”  What captured my attention however was the sub-line: “Embracing intimacy with God and your husband.” I thought to myself, “woah… I need to read this.” I went on to read the description of the book:

As a young bride, Jennifer Smith couldn’t wait to build her life with the man she adored. She dreamed of closeness, of being fully known and loved by her husband. But the first years of marriage were nothing like she’d imagined. Instead, they were marked by disappointment and pain. Trapped by fear and insecurity, and feeling totally alone, Jennifer cried out to God: What am I doing wrong? Why is this happening to us? It was as if a veil had descended between her and her husband, and between her and God—one that kept her from experiencing the fullness of love. How did Jennifer and her husband survive the painful times? What did they do when they were tempted to call it quits? How did God miraculously step in during the darkest hour to rescue and redeem them, tearing down the veil once and for all? The Unveiled Wife is a real-life love story; one couple’s refreshingly raw, transparent journey touching the deep places in a marriage that only God can reach. If you are feeling disappointment or even despair about your marriage, the heart-cry of this book is: You are not alone. Discover through Jennifer’s story how God can bring you through it all to a place of transformation.”

While my husband and I were not experiencing any trials or difficulties in our marriage, I thought this would be an awesome preventative read. I wanted read another person’s story on how they balanced the relationship between God and their husband and see how I can apply the tactics to my life. I was thrilled when Jennifer responded to my request to write a review blog about her book for our church.

When I started reading Unveiled Wife, I couldn’t believe how transparent Jennifer was in her writing. It’s almost like you were right beside her, experiencing everything she was feeling. It was heart wrenching at times, knowing that they were dealing with so much pain early in her marriage, and how this pain challenged the relationship between Jennifer and her husband, Aaron, and God.

Jennifer wrote in a way that you could absolutely relate with what she was feeling, how insecurities can crush your spirit and your heart. We’ve all been there, maybe not in the same context as Jennifer, but we’ve all had insecurities that threatened our relationship with the Lord. And with Jennifer’s deeply personal and honest story, you can see how her trials became her testimony, how she became unveiled.

It was really inspiring to read about Jennifer and Aaron, and to see how being transparent with each other, and lifting their marriage up to the Lord, in fact saved their marriage. Unveiled wife is a book for all wives, whether you’re struggling in your marriage or trying to find that balance between your love for God and your husband. We all go through trials and hardships in marriage, and in life for that matter, whether we like to admit it or not. And for all those trials, God is there, and it’s up to us to decide if we trust in Him. To be unveiled before Him, or to hide from Him, the choice is ours. But when we realize that when we married our husbands, we also married God, and we must be unveiled before both of them. I choose to be 100% me, not to hide, to see clearly, and to be unveiled.

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Product Review: Head and Shoulders Instant Cooling Relief Shampoo and Conditioner

I recently subscribed to a sweet website called BzzAgent when I heard that I would have the opportunity to review FULL SIZED products just by taking a few surveys. Now lets get serious, I mainly started this because I wanted to get some free stuff (who doesn’t like free stuff right?) but I actually quite enjoy it. It’s nice to try different products once in a while, and BzzAgent is pretty good at picking products that you’re actually interested in. Mind you, I did fill out over 40 super-short surveys, so they have a pretty accurate idea of what I’m looking for.

Most recently I had the opportunity to try Head and Shoulders Instant Cooling Relief Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve used it every other day for a week now (I usually wait a day between shampoos) and found it pretty good so far. You can really feel the cooling effect of the shampoo right away, and it stays nice and cool for a decent time after (I left it on for 10 mins to see if the effect would dissipate, but it stayed constant the whole time.) It left my hair feeling fresh and clean when I was done. This shampoo also smells really fresh and minty, a little like toothpaste (don’t taste it, I did accidentally and ick –  0/10 on flavour…haha). Now don’t get this product in your eye, it happened to me, again by accident, and let’s just say my eye was not a fan of the cooling effect.

The conditioner was also very nice, with the same minty fresh scent. It left my hair feeling nice and smooth and was easy to brush through. The only thing is that when I used it on my scalp, I found I couldn’t wait that day in between shampoos because my hair was a bit more oily than normal. I’m used to applying my conditioner from mid-shaft to ends, so my scalp doesn’t get greasy, but that technique kind of defeats the purpose of the cooling scalp treatment that this conditioner offers.

Overall I give these products an 9/10! You can pick up a bottle at your local Shoppers Drug Mart store.

So, if you’re looking to try some free stuff like this, definitely sign up for a BzzAgent account! It’s totally worth it! I already have another full sized product on the way for my next review. I’ll make sure to post it here when I’m done testing it out.