Holiday Howl – Karaoke Party for Charity

holiday howl

This Christmas, I’m giving back to the animal community!

A close friend of mine decided to turn her birthday celebration into a Karaoke/Charity Night/Vegan Food Party extravaganza, all for the New Moon Rabbit Rescue and for the Sit With Me dog fostering program here in Ottawa! Naturally, I thought this was a fantastic idea! Some amazing vegan treats will be provided by SimplyRaw Express with cupcakes supplied by Compassionate Rabbit. See the totes adorbs poster above (created by moi) for more information! Also, a big thank you to terra20 and the NCVA for sponsoring the event.

Holiday Howl is happening on Saturday, December 14 from 7pm-midnight. Tickets are only available online at and can be payed using PayPal!

See you all on the 14th! I’ll be the one howling on stage 🙂


Canada Day is on the way! Eh?

In honour of the celebration of our great nation, I had the pleasure of writing a blog post about my top 10 favourite green made in Canada products from terra20. It features everything from skin care to apparel to laundry and more! Even my dog, Layla is excited about her favourite Canadian product, Slobbers dog treats.


Catch my review of Ashenzi apparel, Ntegrity skin care, Los Cantores chips other Canuck faves here:

Fair trade fineries: High quality goods that support a higher quality of life.

Happy World Fair Trade Day!

According to FINE, an informal association made up of the four major fair trade networks (FLO, WFTO, NEWS!, and EFTA), fair trade can be defined as:

“a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South” – (FINE, 1998)

The Fair Trade Resource Network has put out a list of the Top 10 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade which really helps society to understand the basic reasons to support fair trade business. Some of my favourite points are that fair trade initiatives protect children and their right to security, education and play, keeping them out of sweatshops and production plants.  I love that fair trade supports community schools, housing, healthcare, and eco-friendly farming practices.

Point number 10 on this list really drives home the point:

“Fair Trade means what you buy matters. By choosing fair trade products, you are not only accessing high quality products, you are making a difference in the lives of the people who grow and craft the products.”

Yes, we all know that fair trade goods come at a higher price and sometimes it’s not always easy to justify paying a bit more for a product. The way that I see it is that instead of putting in a little donation here and there to a charity at a store checkout, you are putting those extra dollars toward helping a farmer and their community. Plus you get a little instant gratification for yourself too.  Whether it’s a bar of fair trade chocolate, or that body lotion made with fair trade Shea Butter, it’s something that benefits you now, and benefits the bottom line later.

terra20, North America’s largest eco store, carries many different fair trade certified products. In fact, they believe in equity, and do their best to support fair trade initiatives by sourcing products made with fair trade ingredients. All of their fair trade products are labeled with a Fair Trade icon.

Here are a few fair trade products from terra20:

Next time you’re making smores at the campfire this summer, substitute your conventional chocolate bar with something fair trade. I highly recommend Camino’s fair trade Dark Chocolate with Orange bar. It melts really nicely and the orange taste gives an extra kick!


I love the versatility of coconut oil since it can be used for cooking, baking, body care and more. It is also a popular ingredient in skin care products, which makes it important to source coconut oil that is sustainable, organic and fair trade. Dr. Bronner’s has a variety of soaps, and personal care products made with certified fair trade ingredients as well as pure whole kernel virgin coconut oil.


Next time you’re out shopping, try to find some fair trade certified products. Look for a certification stamp on food, personal care and several other products at the local market. You’ll feel good about buying a product that is helping someone else around the world.

*Disclosure: Please note that I am an employee of terra20 and that all opinions expressed in this post as well my other posts are my own.

Live a little greener! GlassDharma Straws Giveaway on the terra20 blog


Live a little greener! GlassDharma Straws Giveaway on the terra20 blog

We all want to live a little greener this year. Did you know that every day in the United States alone, about 500,000,000 plastic straws are discarded. Check out the blog post to learn more, and be sure to leave a comment to enter for a chance to win one of two 4-packs of GlassDharma reusable glass straws! Everything tastes better through glass anyways. Right?

Contest ends March 6 at midnight EST.

Project NatureMill – Update #1

At the beginning of January, I took on the responsibility of the terra20 corporate V.I.C. (Very Important Composter). As a Christmas gift, our office received a NatureMill electric composter. It is supposed to turn compost into dirt in about 2 weeks. The start date for this exciting, and sometimes smelly project was January 3rd.

Myself holding our first batch of frozen compostable items.

Myself holding our first batch of frozen food scraps. Photo by P.T.

Click here to see the official terra20 blog post about the NatureMill by Pamela Tourigny (and a few photos of yours truly, I might add)!

I will keep posting updates about the NatureMill as new official posts are released. Stay tuned!

Adventures of an Eco-Beginner

I never really paid attention to my carbon footprint before I started working at terra20, but my new employment has certainly opened my eyes to some ideas and innovations. I am now on a mission to become an eco-enthusiast.

As an eco-beginner, I was shocked to learn about all of the chemicals that are in products I use every day.  After a few shopping trips at the terra20 store, I was able to eliminate some of those nasty chemicals, and add some natural goodness into my day-today routine. Here are few of my favourite finds so far:

Eco-Nuts Natural Laundry Soap

I’m just “nuts” about these little things. Eco Nuts/Soap Nuts are Himalayan berries that produce saponin, which is natural cleaner that has been used for thousands of years. I use the soap nuts to do my laundry, and the best part is, it only cost me $40/year to do it! (360 pack for $40) I have no need for fabric softeners or dryer sheets either, because Eco Nuts leave my clothes soft and static free! Try them, you’ll go nuts!


Lucia Candles

These candles make my house smell fantastic! Made from natural soy wax and natural extracts, this candle burns clean for hours on end. My favourite so far is the #25 Sweet Almond & Wild Berries scented candle, perfect for the holidays.

photo 1

Anointment Lemon Honey Lip Balm

This winter I’ll be keeping my lips hydrated and pampered with my new Anointment luxurious lemon and honey flavoured lip balm. Made from natural bees wax, this lip balm is super smooth, and 100% Canadian too!

photo (4)

Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil

As a person with combination/oily skin, I was deathly afraid of putting any extra oil on my face. When one of the cosmetics associates recommended Dr. Hauschka’s Normalizing Day Oil, all I could think of was “you’ve got to be joking.” After learning a bit more about the product, I decided to give the Normalizing Day Oil a shot, despite my skepticism. To my surprise, I LOVED IT! Instead of making my face extra oily, it helped to balance my skin. It keeps my natural oils under control without making my skin scaly. It also keeps my blemishes under control. I’m very happy I took a leap of faith in choosing Dr. Hauschka to help cure my skin. (It smells fantastic too).

photo 1

Lafe’s Crystal Deodorant

Finding a natural deodorant isn’t hard to find, but finding one that actually works can be a bit of a challenge. So far Lafe’s Crystal deodorant has been working great for me. I have yet to try it out at the gym, or use it in the hot summer months, but it’s doing the job well to date. It’s made of potassium alum, which is less harsh on the skin than your average drugstore deodorant.

photo 2

Pukka (Puck-Ah) Teas

If you’re looking for a hot beverage with personli-tea, choose Pukka Teas. They’re positively delicious, and fair-trade organic! There is a wide variety of flavours, but my personal favourite is the after dinner tea rich with fennel, chicory and cardamom taste.

photo 3

Every time I step into terra20, I always leave with a thing or two…or five. As I find new items, I will make sure to keep you all informed! In the meantime check out terra20 online at , on facebook or on twitter @explore terra20. To shop online click here: Shop terra20