Becoming a Boelsma Part 2 – Planning the Wedding in 27 Days

Yep you read that correctly – on January 11, 2015, we decided that we would get married 27 days later, on February 7, 2015.

Before we even started planning, we called up our closest friends to see if they would be in our wedding party. Lee had his two best friends Jordy, and James as groomsmen and of course the best man was his brother, Logan. As for me, I called up my two besties from Toronto, Alessa & Vanessa, who we’re both super excited to be my bridesmaids, and my sister Lyne was my maid of honour,

First up, we needed to make sure the venue for the ceremony and reception were available. We met with our pastor that week to see if he was available and sure enough he was. Church – Check! I also made some calls to see if any of the local hotels had their ballrooms available on February 7th. Luckily, February is technically wedding “off-season” so to my advantage there were quite a few venues available offering competitive pricing. We settled on the Holiday Inn and Suites in Kanata, which offers an awesome wedding package. Included with the hall was an overnights stay in the honeymoon suite, free mani and pedi for the me at Jask Salon and Spa, champagne with chocolates and natural bath & body products in the room after the reception, and finally a delicious room service breakfast the next morning. I highly recommend this place – ask for Jennifer, she’s great.

I already knew a DJ who would do a sweet job at the music for the night and lucky for me, miss Kitty-Funk was free on Feb. 7! DJ- Check! I also called up my friend Rebecca, owner of Dynamite Delights, to make some cupcakes and wedding cake to match our woodland theme. They turned out awesome:

Cake and Cupcakes - Photo by Dynamite Delights

Cake and Cupcakes – Photo by Dynamite Delights

Next I needed a dress of course, so on January 14, I met up with my mom and sister at Davids Bridal Ottawa, where they were having a massive dress sale. Like a kid in wedding candy land, I started picking out dresses in my price range and size, deciding to leave the beautiful $500 dress on the rack so that I wouldn’t be tempted by it. After trying on all the other dresses, which were so-so, my mom said “Angie, you need to try on that other dress, these ones aren’t it.” And by the “other” dress she meant the $500 one that was over my budget (which was on sale from $800 i might add). I ended up trying it on, and WOW, it was the one! Hardly any alterations needed to be made – just a hem and bustle, plus the manager at Davids Bridal gave me a $100 off, so it brought it a little closer to my budget. So I rang the little bell that signals to everyone in store that someone “said YES to the dress,” and bought the dress.

Me in my Dress - Photo by Neil L.

Me in my Dress – Photo by Neil L.

Finding dresses for the bridesmaids also went pretty smoothly. While I wanted emerald green dresses to match the wedding colours, it wasn’t a very “in” colour for the time of year. Plus on a short time frame I needed to work with something easy, so I settled on black dresses. I told the girls to visit a Davids Bridal in Toronto and choose a floor length black dress of their choice. They texted pictures as they tried them on, and finally we settled on one awesome dress. I helped Lyne find her stunning black dress during one of my fittings. I also ended up finding some emerald jewelry and little flowers to put in their hair to match the wedding colour.


The girls in their bridesmaids dresses.

The girls in their bridesmaids dresses.

As for the boys, we decided on black shirts with a black suit and an emerald green tie, which we bought from The Tie Bar.

The boys following a youtube video on how to tie a tie.

The boys following a youtube video on how to tie a tie.

Next, shoes! I needed some shoes that were comfy and not too high so that I wouldn’t tower over Lee. So I settled on the dye-your-own ballet slippers from Davids Bridal that I dyed emerald green! They were perfect!


Photo By Neil L.

We also booked a photographer right away, one of our friends of course – Mike Clarke Photography – who did a wonderful job. Lee’s dad plus our friends Neil and Andrew and my cousin Chris were also there with their cameras so we had plenty of pictures from all sorts of angles.

Another big cost saver was that we DIY-ed most of the decor, made our own email invitations (which pointed to an Eventbrite event).

All this to say! The day was awesome, and I would do it over and over with the love of my life any day.