Hi stranger! An update.

I’ve been away from my blog now for far too long. I miss writing for it. Since my last post, there have been many changes in my life including a new apartment, adopting new precious kitty, finding God, getting engaged and getting married!

In February of 2014 I adopted a wonderful little cat from the Ottawa Humane Society. Her name is Valkyrie. At the time she was the second cat in the family next to Freya, who sadly had to be put down last December 2014.  Here’s a  couple pics of the two of them:





I do miss my Freya, but thankfully I have miss Valkyrie. She’s my adorable fluffy, kneeding, head-butting kitty.

In July 2014 I moved to an apartment on Prince of Wales Drive just in time for a bunch of summer festivals within walking distance. I was 5 minutes away from the Ottawa Dragonboat Festival and the Hope Beach volleyball tournament. Here’s a nighttime view from the balcony:


In 2014 I also found my way back to church, through my boyfriend (now husband) Lee and his family. I started going to The Bridge Church in Kanata, which is of Wesleyan denomination, and I absolutely loved it! I was born Catholic, but I much prefer going to The Bridge because they really work God’s messages into every day life. You can really relate to the weekly messages, plus the concert style worship sessions that kick off each service are pretty amazing! If you know God and are looking for a place where you can learn and re-learn how to connect with him, The Bridge Church is a place to you.

After a great summer, fall and winter with my Lee, in January of 2015 we decided to get married…and 4 weeks later, we were! Read my next post to find out how it all began.