Holiday Howl – Karaoke Party for Charity

holiday howl

This Christmas, I’m giving back to the animal community!

A close friend of mine decided to turn her birthday celebration into a Karaoke/Charity Night/Vegan Food Party extravaganza, all for the New Moon Rabbit Rescue and for the Sit With Me dog fostering program here in Ottawa! Naturally, I thought this was a fantastic idea! Some amazing vegan treats will be provided by SimplyRaw Express with cupcakes supplied by Compassionate Rabbit. See the totes adorbs poster above (created by moi) for more information! Also, a big thank you to terra20 and the NCVA for sponsoring the event.

Holiday Howl is happening on Saturday, December 14 from 7pm-midnight. Tickets are only available online at and can be payed using PayPal!

See you all on the 14th! I’ll be the one howling on stage 🙂