Adventures of an Eco-Beginner

I never really paid attention to my carbon footprint before I started working at terra20, but my new employment has certainly opened my eyes to some ideas and innovations. I am now on a mission to become an eco-enthusiast.

As an eco-beginner, I was shocked to learn about all of the chemicals that are in products I use every day.  After a few shopping trips at the terra20 store, I was able to eliminate some of those nasty chemicals, and add some natural goodness into my day-today routine. Here are few of my favourite finds so far:

Eco-Nuts Natural Laundry Soap

I’m just “nuts” about these little things. Eco Nuts/Soap Nuts are Himalayan berries that produce saponin, which is natural cleaner that has been used for thousands of years. I use the soap nuts to do my laundry, and the best part is, it only cost me $40/year to do it! (360 pack for $40) I have no need for fabric softeners or dryer sheets either, because Eco Nuts leave my clothes soft and static free! Try them, you’ll go nuts!


Lucia Candles

These candles make my house smell fantastic! Made from natural soy wax and natural extracts, this candle burns clean for hours on end. My favourite so far is the #25 Sweet Almond & Wild Berries scented candle, perfect for the holidays.

photo 1

Anointment Lemon Honey Lip Balm

This winter I’ll be keeping my lips hydrated and pampered with my new Anointment luxurious lemon and honey flavoured lip balm. Made from natural bees wax, this lip balm is super smooth, and 100% Canadian too!

photo (4)

Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil

As a person with combination/oily skin, I was deathly afraid of putting any extra oil on my face. When one of the cosmetics associates recommended Dr. Hauschka’s Normalizing Day Oil, all I could think of was “you’ve got to be joking.” After learning a bit more about the product, I decided to give the Normalizing Day Oil a shot, despite my skepticism. To my surprise, I LOVED IT! Instead of making my face extra oily, it helped to balance my skin. It keeps my natural oils under control without making my skin scaly. It also keeps my blemishes under control. I’m very happy I took a leap of faith in choosing Dr. Hauschka to help cure my skin. (It smells fantastic too).

photo 1

Lafe’s Crystal Deodorant

Finding a natural deodorant isn’t hard to find, but finding one that actually works can be a bit of a challenge. So far Lafe’s Crystal deodorant has been working great for me. I have yet to try it out at the gym, or use it in the hot summer months, but it’s doing the job well to date. It’s made of potassium alum, which is less harsh on the skin than your average drugstore deodorant.

photo 2

Pukka (Puck-Ah) Teas

If you’re looking for a hot beverage with personli-tea, choose Pukka Teas. They’re positively delicious, and fair-trade organic! There is a wide variety of flavours, but my personal favourite is the after dinner tea rich with fennel, chicory and cardamom taste.

photo 3

Every time I step into terra20, I always leave with a thing or two…or five. As I find new items, I will make sure to keep you all informed! In the meantime check out terra20 online at , on facebook or on twitter @explore terra20. To shop online click here: Shop terra20


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