Insight, Slides and Left Shoes – Toronto Trip 2011

I just recently returned from a three day trip to Toronto where my advertising class visited several advertising agencies. We visited Grip Limited, HBK, Taxi, OMD, DDB, Leo Burnet, and Maple Leaf Sports over the course of the trip, all of which provided some of the most insightful inside information on the industry.

Most of us have a perception that working our way into the industry may be a trying task, particularly landing an internship. Through many presentations from great industry speakers, we are beginning to feel more and more like we belong in advertising. Yes there are challenges and creativity that go behind getting an internship, but once you’re in, it’s all about the intensive hard work you put into landing a full time position. One key thing our guest speakers communicated was that you should just be yourself and have fun. The last thing advertising needs is boring old desk workers. They want us to be original and exciting, all the while keeping on top and ahead of our workload. After all, a more personable person with a great work ethic will be more attractive in the eyes of a potential employer.

Grip is one agency we visited where it was clear that the employees are hardworking and determined, however, they know how to have fun. The agency encourages fun, especially with their fire pole and a huge slide in the middle of the place. Not to mention a few beer taps for those trying creative times. I could see myself working in a creative place like Grip sometime in the near future on the account side.

All in all, I learned to that being yourself, having fun and building your network is key. And that I shouldn’t send agencies my left shoe to “get my foot in the door”.