Moving is like rebranding

I just moved to a new house last week and discovered that moving is a lot like rebranding. You go through all your old things and see what is really worth keeping and what’s not. When wondering whether to keep something, like a wall painting for example, you ask yourself is it really working for me? Will this look good in the new place? It’s kind of like rebranding. You ask yourself if a part of a brand strategy is really working for that brand and if not will it work for a new audience.
It’s a lot of fun too because your style evolves and you remodel your furniture, belongings and keepsakes to fit your new lifestyle. Out with the old and in with the new. Cliché I know. But very true.
Moving also involves buying new things. Kind of like rebranding could mean adding new products or strategies.
Overall I feel I rebranded my room to fit me the target audience. I moved from a teenager room to an adult room and it feels great. My new place is very “moi” my friends and family will agree, but the most important person who agrees is me!